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Since 2005, Analytix has been partnering with small companies and providing them with solutions designed to help them scale their business.

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Welcome to Analytix, a leading provider of comprehensive audio-visual solutions. We specialize in AV services for various industries and offer finance, IT, healthcare, data management, business transformation, and virtual assistant support.

Since 2008, Analytix has grown into a dynamic team of over 50+ skilled professionals, serving clients in the AV industry and partnering with renowned integrators. Our collaborative approach ensures we understand your vision and objectives, delivering exceptional AV experiences that enhance operations and collaboration.

In addition to our AV services at Analytix, we also provide finance, IT, healthcare, data management, business transformation, and virtual assistant support with a workforce of over 900+ professionals. These services complement our core focus on AV, enabling us to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to our clients’ diverse needs.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner of choice by providing one-stop, technology-powered, value-driven solutions that increase clients’ growth and profitability

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a high-performance, professional outsourcing organization. Our employees thrive in a creative and enriching work environment. We create customer and partner loyalty by providing innovative and customized services.

Our Values

  • GROWTH Growth
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS Customer Focus
  • INNOVATION & CREATIVITY Innovation and Creativity
  • ACCOUNTABILITY & OWNERSHIP Accountability and Ownership
  • TEAMWORK Teamwork
  • RESPECT & INTEGRITY Respect and Integrity

Analytix - Where the Whole Is ALWAYS Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Analytix AV—Where We Bring Your AV Projects to Life

At Analytix AV, our focus is on bringing your AV projects to life. We believe that our energies flow from the synergy we create to help make your project a true success. We seek brilliance in everyday tasks to succeed in everything we do in the long run. At Analytix, we value your feedback and strive to learn more, thereby creating opportunities for growth and learning. Whether it is a hybrid, in-person, or virtual event, our team works hard to discover the perfect AV solution for you. Our crystal-clear communication and absolute professionalism help us meet our clients’ expectations thanks to our determination and love for passion in what we do.

Our Team

Satish Patel - CEO & Founder
Satish Patel
CEO & Founder
John Mathew
John Mathew
Chief Operating Officer
Chetan Ostwal
Chetan Ostwal
Vice President - AV & ESS
Smesh Chittora
Smesh Chittora
Mitul Mistry
Mitul Mistry
Michelle Mahov
VP - Marketing
Jeet Doshi
Jeet Doshi
GM - Business Development