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About Us

Leveraging outside resources to provide
end-to-end solutions

Businesses who want to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving environment are partnering with
experienced companies committed to making them more efficient and subsequently more profitable. They need
to possess the ability to respond to evolving market conditions. Specialized skills for specific projects are often
augmented by outside personnel, and teams are created based on reliability, talent and expertise.
Analytix Solutions was founded on the concept that companies can benefit by leveraging outside resources
to provide end-to-end solutions for non-core tasks. We recognize that one of the biggest challenges in creating
an audio visual solution is realizing cost savings without compromising turnaround time, reliability
and quality. Our AV engineering, drafting, and programming services increase your
profitability and efficiency.

Industry experience to develop a full range of customized solutions

Founded in 2006, Analytix is a professional services firm with over 185 employees and four offices. We provide cost-effective, accurate, reliable, and secure services to supplement your staff or provide an end-to-end solution. The depth and breadth of our industry experience has allowed us to develop a full range of customized solutions for the Audio Visual, Finance, Information Technology, and Data Management industries. Our solutions allow for various levels of service and customization. We can assist in just one area, augment an existing team, or take care of all of your project needs. Our client base includes hundreds of clients, both across the US and

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