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Partnering with Analytix means gaining instant access to a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in CAD, engineering, BIM, and AV programming, as well as reliable infrastructure and resources. Our partnership empowers AV integrators and consultants to take on more projects, increase revenue, and accelerate business growth. With our expertise and support, we can help you steer your vision towards success, providing top-quality services that exceed your clients’ expectations. Our flexible pricing model enables access to world-class expertise without compromising on budget, and our local presence and offshore resources allow us to provide services on a global scale.

As a partner of Analytix, our AV clients get access to a range of services tailored to meet their specific needs by selecting service packages of their choice. Our AV service packages provide multiple services under one contract, giving partners additional flexibility and cost savings compared to our standard service contracts. We are also able to offer a discount when you commit to multiple services and resources across multiple service offerings. The ability to source reliable professional expertise from any of our service divisions on a scalable basis allows your business to keep operations running smoothly, even during busy periods.

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Partner Services

Audio Visual Partner Services


Analytix provides accurate, timely, and reliable AV engineering and CAD expertise to AV integrators, consultants, and vendors. Our team of AV engineers and CAD professionals adds bandwidth and expertise to your team for efficient solutions and fast turnaround on projects.

When you choose Analytix, you gain immediate access to specialized AV skills and confidence that the quality of work on your project will be high caliber.

Finance & Accounting
Finance and Accounting

Finance & Accounting

With an experienced accounting team of professionals, we offer small to mid-sized businesses and partners a smart, alternative option to managing a full range of in-house accounting and bookkeeping functions. Our combined accounting and technology expertise allows us to streamline and automate many accounting processes.

You can confidently rely on our accurate, timely financial data and reporting to make business decisions. Let us extend our comprehensive business analysis expertise to help your company uncover insights that drive business growth.

IT Services
IT Services

IT Services

Need IT guidance? We can help your business keep pace with technology as it continues to advance. Shift the burden of your business’s IT management to our IT professionals, who possess deep domain and industry expertise. We can help with a range of services including cloud management, website development, remote support, custom application and mobile development, in addition to platform based solutions.

Business Transformation
Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Our business transformation services help companies adapt to changing market conditions, improve their bottom line, and stay ahead of the competition. Business transformation services often involves a comprehensive review and analysis of the company’s current state, identification of areas for improvement, and the development and implementation of a new operating model.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Analytix provides virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs, professionals and small to mid-sized business owners to increase productivity and help focus on growing your business. Our virtual assistant services offer experienced and reliable professionals who have excellent administrative capabilities and are proficient in personal task management.

With our virtual assistant services, you can manage your time better by having an assistant handle administrative task, allowing you to focus on more critical business decisions.

Healthcare Solution
Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solution

  • Order Entry
  • Missing Medical Document Requests
  • Insurance Verification
  • Claim Submissions
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Cash Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Dashboard Reports

Analytix works with HMEs and DMEs to streamline your medical billing functions. We can help optimize revenue cycle management, emphasizing QC measures around billing and secure HIPAA compliant access to patient data and information.

Additionally, we can fulfill many pre-billing and post-billing activities, including obtaining authorizations and cash postings. Our team becomes an extension of your company, a department functioning seamlessly alongside your internal team.

Data Management
Data Management

Data Management

Rely on our data management team to assist with the challenges of capturing, retrieving, migrating, and storing your data, safely and securely. Outsource data management tasks such as data entry, data conversion, and ETL services, or partner with us so that our team becomes an extension of yours.

We can help make sense of the data you need, organizing it into usable formats and reports — no matter how complex. Our experts recognize the importance of data security, diligently upgrade the security on our servers, and maintain strict regulatory compliance requirements.

Insight 360


Insight360 offers industry-specific, comprehensive solutions that combine accounting services and financial and operational tools, with a reporting portal. Portal reports can be customized to your individual requirements.

They include critical metrics, benchmarks, and KPIs by industry for deeper insights. The industry-specific applications and tools automate many time-consuming tasks and integrate them into the reporting, allowing for increased productivity.

Partnership Models

At Analytix, we help you choose a suitable partnership model that works best for your business.

Why Partner With Analytix

  • Single-Source Solutions Provider with Cross-Divisional Expertise

  • Affordable Cost Structure for Even the Leanest Budgets

  • Increased Profit Margins by Focusing on Higher Revenue Generating Services and Outsourcing Low Margin Tasks

  • Access to Trained, Qualified Professionals on a Flexible Basis

  • Flexible Engagement Model

  • Improved Technology and Innovative Tools with Little to No Investment

  • Ability to Scale Operations Quickly during Peak Periods

  • Ability to Expand Service Offerings as Needed

  • Business Continuity Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Transform your business with cutting-edge AV technology and end-to-end support.

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