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We offer immediate access to top-notch AV experts in engineering, CAD, BIM and programming work to ensure your AV projects are high-quality and delivered on time. Our professionals have a deep understanding of current industry best practices and their hands-on experience brings unmatched reliability to all our services. Trust us to help you elevate your business with cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer experience.

AV CAD Service

AV Engineering

Analytix offers comprehensive AV engineering services, including BOM preparation, cable and BTU calculation, conceptual sketches, labor calculation, and SOW documentation. Our expert engineers use advanced tools and prioritize sustainability to deliver projects on time and within budget while personalizing solutions to meet unique needs. Contact us to engineer exceptional AV systems for your customers and optimize their long-term cost savings.


  • BOM Preparation
  • Cable Calculation
  • BTU Calculation
  • Conceptual Sketches
  • Labor Calculation
  • SOW Document
AV Engineering Service


As an outsourcing company for CAD services to audiovisual integrators and consultants, we are committed to providing high-quality deliverables that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our CAD services for AV projects include creating detailed floor/ceiling plans, wall elevations, audio, video, and control flow diagrams, and more.


  • Floor/Ceiling Plans
  • Wall Elevations
  • Audio/Video Flow Diagrams
  • Control Flow Diagrams
  • Cable Riser Diagrams
  • Rack Elevation
  • Equipment Detail Drawings
  • Custom Plates Detail Drawings
  • New Block Creations


At Analytix, we specialize in providing high-quality BIM services for AV integrators and consultants. Our experienced professionals create Revit families for AV equipment that easily integrates into architectural models, ensuring accurate representation and optimal functionality. We also provide clear 2D views and extra benefits such as BIM model walkthroughs and rendered images for a visual demonstration before construction.


  • Creating Revit Family (Parametric & Non-Parametric) for AV Equipment up to LOD 500
  • Populating Architectural Model with AV Equipment
  • Drafting 2D Views – Plans, Display Elevations, Etc.
  • Walkthrough Videos of BIM Model Depicting the AV System
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Clash Detection
AV Programming Service

AV Programming

We specialize in audiovisual programming services that streamline business operations and save time and costs. Our expertise lies in Crestron®, QSC®, AMX®, and Extron® programming services for audiovisual needs across various domains. Our AV programming services include control system programming, DSP programming, lighting programming, home automation, and more, all carried out with high-caliber work and strict adherence to deadlines.


  • Source Code for Crestron/QSC/Extron/AMX Control Systems
  • DSP Programming
  • Lighting Programming
  • Home Automation
  • Touch Panel GUI
  • Remote Support Commissioning
  • System Documentation

Electronic Security System (ESS)

Electronic Security System, or ESS, empowers CAD with enhanced accuracy and higher speeds that support Autodesk, AutoCAD, and Revit software planning and designing efforts. Our ESS support extends to Electronic Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, and Intrusion Alarm Systems. Our assistance is focused on driving efficiencies for your business, cost savings, and resource optimization.

ESS CAD Service


Leverage our specialized AV Electronic Security System CAD services (ESS CAD) to ensure superior outcomes. As a dependable outsourcing partner, our ESS services facilitate exceptional performances with short turnaround times.


  • Floor Plans with Marked Locations of Security Devices
  • Detailed Riser Diagrams
  • Door-Type Elevations
  • Head-End Elevations


Analytix specializes in providing comprehensive BIM services for Electronics Security System Integrators, allowing them to streamline their design and construction process. Our range of services includes creating Revit families for security equipment, drafting 2D views like plans, riser diagrams, and head end elevations, populating architectural models with security equipment, producing walkthrough videos of the BIM model, and generating photorealistic renderings. We leverage our team of experts in-depth knowledge of the security industry, ensuring that we provide intelligent solutions w hile considering current trends and industry standards.


  • Creating Revit Family (Parametric & Non-Parametric) for Security Equipment
  • Populating Architectural Model with Security Equipment
  • Drafting 2D Views – Plans, Riser Diagrams, Door-Type Elevations, Head-End Elevations Etc.
  • Walkthrough Videos of BIM Model Depicting the Security System
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Clash Detection

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