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Benefit from professional support for post-sales engineering and CAD services

Written by aixsa | December 2, 2020

In a landscape where COVID-19 continues to impact businesses, the importance of post-sales engineering support for CAD services cannot be ignored. Being attentive to customer requirements once the agreement has been signed is key to ensuring an efficient beginning to any project. With small business owners and operators playing multiple roles, ensuring adherence to work agreements is a time and attention-intensive task that may get neglected as the pace of work increases. Apart from scope of work and parameters, there is planning needed for the program phase, the actual design and construction phase, each of which may need periodic reviews and changes, if needed.

In the current time when businesses are grappling with the challenge of reduced manpower and salary cuts, the additional work responsibilities associated with post-sales engineering services can actually take away from efforts required to put into pursuing new business opportunities. Existing work may also suffer potentially; especially if critical elements face changes or modifications that have not been anticipated.

The current AV CAD services landscape

According to a report by Avixa, companies continue to prepare for a decline in revenues and layoffs appear to be increasing. These observations are proving that economic recovery is not imminent. Meanwhile, businesses explore ways in which to gradually open while struggling with the biggest challenge faced by most businesses: shortage of adequate liquidity. In this scenario, businesses that can change their focus will not just remain sustainable, they will thrive and grow.

One of the ways in which businesses can harness expertise and infrastructure, without hurting their already lean budgets, is by considering the benefits offered by AV partnerships.

Benefit from professional support

Choosing efficient, dependable solutions

A major challenge faced by small businesses, including AV startups, is addressing dynamic customer needs: AV customers are as affected by COVID-19 as other businesses and need to find a way out. The financial crisis is hitting everyone hard. But the consistent changes posed by dynamic needs means that businesses must have access to the right resources and infrastructure e. If not addressed, this can lead to loss in trust from customers and, eventually, loss of business. For businesses looking for sustainability, it is vital to find solutions that work. AV partnerships meanwhile, can help provide the relevant tools for businesses to continue working while keeping expenses within limits.

Gain efficiency and profitability together

For most small businesses, the ability to meet customer needs within their budgets can be daunting. Profitability and cash are major concerns for most small businesses that are looking at sustainable growth. Strategic partnerships allow businesses to harness critical resources to ensure deliverables, within the limits of their financial capabilities and without the need to set up infrastructure in-house.

Extend services and deliverables

AV partnerships provide businesses with proven and reliable professional expertise to augment existing capabilities, as well as add capacity to meet new and diverse customer needs. COVID-19 has changed the business landscape. Customers have to live and work by a new set of rules. AV partnerships can benefit businesses that provide AV services by helping organize new and diverse deliverables according to expectations, without the extensive investments of time and cost.

Pay more attention to the business

Partnerships take the workload off the shoulders of a business operator, leaving them free to pursue critical business-building activities. The expertise and reliability that comes with proven systems and processes also helps businesses deliver quality work to their clients, consistently.

Choose your partner well

Regardless of whether your business is that of AV integrator or consultant, your partner should be able to manage multiple requirements efficiently and seamlessly. Technical abilities should include being able to provide post-sales engineering and drafting solutions, to empower AV businesses and provide them the ability to quickly address customer requirements. The ideal AV partner operates like an extension of the business itself.

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