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Benefits of Outsourcing AV CAD Services

Written by aixsa | April 13, 2020

The AV industry is flourishing with the convergence of the IT and AV sector. It’s an exciting time for the industry but equally challenging due to the critical shortage of skilled talent. As AV technical resources become hard to find, training and reskilling of existing resources are expensive too.

According to AVIXA’s 2019 IOTA report, the AV industry will grow to more than $325 billion in 2024. As the global AV industry continues to expand, the role of AV consultants and AV integrators will demand expertise in IT, workplace strategy, smart/intelligent buildings, enterprise systems, and data centers. It’s a tall order, and the only way out is outsourcing.

Here are the five ways outsourced AV CAD services can accelerate your growth:

1. Access to Skilled AV CAD Engineers

You get instant access to a huge talent pool of highly-qualified and experienced AV CAD engineers.  Having worked on multiple projects, these AV CAD engineers are experts at what they do. Since they undergo regular training and their work is closely monitored, the output is accurate and less error-prone. Such efficiency helps your company grow faster and build a competitive edge. It also frees your time to focus on expansion into new markets.

2. Access to Technology

Most outsourcing companies have the latest CAD tools and software, allowing you to tap into the latest technology and reduce your cost on technology investments. Accuracy is a critical aspect of CAD engineering services. In addition to advanced IT capabilities, outsourced partners follow international design codes and standards. This allows them to deliver you cost efficiency as well as innovative designs and solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.

3. Scalability

Whether it’s a peak season or lean one, with outsourcing, you will always have the right number of professional AV CAD engineers on your team. When the need arises, you can instantly expand the resources without the need to hire new staff and invest in IT infrastructure. This allows you to meet existing demand and supplement your staff with engineering and drafting expertise.

4. Fast Turnaround and Superior Quality

Higher precision and superior quality translate into timely delivery and competitive advantage. AV contractors, AV vendors, and consultants move from concepts to final designs faster, thereby ensuring timely and accurate project turnaround. Furthermore, by leveraging the time-zone difference, tasks sent to outsourced teams in the evening get completed before you even reach office the next day.

5. Affordability

Outsourcing provides end-to-end CAD engineering services at a price that suits your budget. When you outsource, you pay only for the design. This is usually a fraction of the cost it takes to hire a full time AV CAD engineer. Setting up an in-house team of AV engineers demands a significant investment of time and money, salary, the additional cost of insurance, incentives and the IT infrastructure. The opportunity cost of absenteeism or sudden departure may further add to that cost.

At Analytix, we understand the need to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising turnaround time, reliability, and quality. Leverage our AV CAD engineering expertise to enhance your profitability and efficiency today.

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