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How to Give Your AV Startup Business a Boost in 2020

Written by aixsa | September 25, 2020

A recent AVIXA survey report indicated that though AV sales witnessed a sharp decline in February 2020, a growth of 3.4 points in the July 2020 AV sales index was recognized, compared to the sales index in June 2020. This is the first time since February 2020 that AV sales are showing growth, even if slow. Additional survey questions revealed a year-to-date revenue decline of 20.8% and a drop of 9% in staffing. Despite these declines, service providers are optimistic about recovery.  A majority of them anticipate that revenues will return to pre COVID-19 levels by the end of next year.

A positive indicator specific to the AV industry is that as markets reopen globally, businesses heavily depend upon communication technology to ensure operations run smoothly. From working from home to conducting meetings, to sharing webinars and other critical messaging over trustworthy equipment: AV is the thread that joins all of these. What does this mean for businesses that deal in AV services and solutions?

AV: The Essential Connecting Thread

AV services were once synonymous with projector screens, event equipment, large speakers and sound systems. Today, almost all businesses, regardless of industry, depend on AV technology in some form to ensure continued operations.

AV Support Services: Keep Your Business Growing

As businesses resurge from COVID-19, they must focus on themselves while staying firmly committed to their overall goals. To ensure sustainability and eventually, growth, AV businesses should continue to focus on:

  • Continuous business analysis: Regardless of whether you are an AV supply integrator, a consultant, or a vendor, you need to ensure your own systems are up and running. There are no one-formula-fits all solutions. A thorough business analysis can help identify weak points, whether streamlining a certain aspect of your business, or ensuring better financial records and more diligent bookkeeping.
  • Technology requirements: Technology is the bedrock of successful AV operations. If your startup is slowly beginning to get back to business, you can explore the immense support and cost savings provided by outsourced technology and infrastructure. Outsourced infrastructure comes equipped with its own upgrades and support system, and can be utilized when needed. Outsourcing allows new businesses the convenience of modern software and technology without the cost of setup and maintenance.
  • Need for extensive experience: Business development, including pursuing new business, is a critical component of the daily operations for a startup or small business. You may identify client requirements for which you are not initially equipped. Instead of turning away AV requirements that demand expertise and real-time technical capacity, consider reaching out to professional outsourcing partners. This is not only cost-effective, but also allows you to keep your promise of high-quality and timely delivery of solutions.

Ascend the Growth Curve: Choose Proven Expertise

AV services and solutions are fast becoming the backbone for businesses across industries. Even as AV industry research reveals slow but steady growth, ensure your business is ready to meet the demand. Don’t miss opportunities because resources are unavailable. At Analytix, our well-defined and proven process is based on over a decade of AV expertise and experience. In fact, we are offering a bundle of services like accounting, IT, and Data Management to startups. Your business gets the benefit of current infrastructure and expertise that can be utilized for your own growth or as an extension of your business, for the benefit of current and prospective clients. Contact us to learn how we can help your AV business grow. Email us at or call 781.503.9002 and we will get in touch with you.

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