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Leveraging Your AV Over IP Deliverables

Written by Analytix Editorial Team | January 11, 2024

A recent report in the Digital Journal estimates that the global audiovisual over-internet protocol (AV over IP) market looks promising in the next five years. As of 2022, the global AV over IP  market had an estimated value of USD 4,533.36 million. This figure is anticipated to reach USD 7,1552.09 million in 2028, which represents a CAGR of 58.38% during the forecast years.  

With AV over IP, including sophisticated video and audio transmissions, it is fast becoming a preference among businesses seeking out audiovisual services. 

Despite the growing preference for AV over IP in business settings due to its advanced capabilities in transmitting video and audio, the necessity for precise insights and expert guidance remains essential. Optimal installations, appropriate visual controls, seamless switching, and the correct pairing of HDMI encoders and decoders with switches, all underscore the critical need for specialized AV expertise.  

If you own and operate an AV integrator or AV consultant business, here are some ways in which you can tap into this market trend and maximize the opportunities available to you.  

#1. Leveraging Cost Efficiencies of AV over IP 

AV over IP products utilize existing IT network infrastructure in business settings where Ethernet switches may be used. Ethernet switches are adaptable, can perform input and output tasks simultaneously, and thus, help reduce both labor and equipment costs and investments. There is no need to buy new devices or re-cable the existing configuration to set them up. 

A proficient team can help review and guide your business toward the best ways of integrating with existing IT networks. 

#2. Scalability Assessment 

Ethernet connectivity makes AV over IP highly scalable, especially when compared to traditional AV, which has limited ports for input and output and cannot accommodate additional users. For smaller businesses with limited users, any addition would come with the need to purchase new equipment, including cabling, where applicable.  

Experienced AV consultants can help businesses work with scalability and flexibility. For example, an Ethernet switch paired with the right computer cable can avoid the expense associated with installing physical cables. 

#3. Transmission Assistance 

Traditional AV installations have always been challenging, especially given the need for long-distance cable installations when necessary. 

In contrast, AV over IP enables transmission over computer cables, which typically turns out to be less costly than traditional transmission efforts. This is especially effective for distances over 100 meters (around 328 feet) where connections with Ethernet switches afford seamless long-distance communication. 

Leveraging Professional Expertise 

For AV consulting businesses, embracing AV over IP deliverables with the help of outsourced expertise could prove to be a strategic move in line with business budgets. It brings expanded services, specialized knowledge, reduced risk, and the ability to cater to diverse client needs without heavy initial expenses.  

AV consulting firms can elevate their offerings, create a competitive edge, and deliver exceptional audiovisual solutions to their clients with the help of outsourcing partners who have proven experience and expertise. 

Some of the ways that outsourcing experts can help your organization provide higher-quality AV-over-IP solutions for your customers include: 

 – Expanded Service Portfolio 

AV consulting firms can augment their service offerings by integrating AV over IP solutions. Outsourcing experts can help develop comprehensive AV Over IP strategies, including design, implementation, and maintenance, thereby allowing consulting businesses to cater to a broader range of client needs. 

– Access to Specialized Knowledge 

AV over IP is a specialized domain that demands in-depth expertise. By outsourcing to professionals experienced in AV over IP technologies, consulting firms can tap into a pool of specialized knowledge and ensure the delivery of cutting-edge solutions to their clients. 

– Better Risk and Expense Assessment 

AV over IP projects involve specific risks, such as technical complexities and unforeseen challenges. By outsourcing to experts with a track record of successful implementations, consulting firms can mitigate risks and avoid potentially costly mistakes.    

Why Analytix? 

Whether it you are looking for insights on switching, interoperability for encoders and decoders, or assistance with compatibility and standards, our expert team ensures AV consultants and AV integrator businesses benefit and extend added value to their clients. Ready to revolutionize your audiovisual solutions with seamless AV over IP integration? Partner with Analytix for expert guidance, expanded services, and cutting-edge strategies. Elevate your offerings and stay competitive in the dynamic AV market. Connect with our experts to unlock the power of AV over IP !IP! For any queries, email us at or call us at 781.423.3572 today. 

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