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Adding Value to Your CAD Deliverables: Choosing Your Outsourcing Partner

Written by aixsa | November 2, 2021

Choosing the right outsourcing partner for your CAD services can make a difference to your business. According to a PR Newswire article online, the global pro-AV industry was set to grow to more than $325 billion in 2024. In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic set in and the adaptation of digital communication increased, the important role played by the AV industry in bringing together audio and visual communication elements also came into sharper focus.

AV services that your business provides to your clients often have CAD services as the bedrock for their projects and businesses. This means that the higher the reliability of your CAD work, the better the value-addition for your clients. Outsourcing can bring multiple benefits to your business and help make measurable value additions to your deliverables:

  • Gain access to expertise and resources
  • Gain access to industry best practices, trends, and insights
  • Enhance your own deliverables; add value
  • Gain more time to pursue other activities, including pursuing new clients
  • Make way for streamlined processes, and eventually, increased profitability

Here are some considerations when choosing an outsourcing provider:

Review service offerings

What are your primary requirements in terms of business assistance? Listing your business requirements from a CAD outsourcing partner can help determine whether service offerings align with your needs.

Do you need assistance with high volume 2D drawings? Or is it the rendering and scaling of building modeling your clients require? At times, something seemingly simple, such as conversion from paper to 2D and 3D, can easily convert to high volume tasks that take precious resources away from other critical, business-building tasks.

Choosing a CAD outsourcing partner will depend on the deliverables portfolio of the provider and the alignment of their expertise with your business needs.

Also, as an AV service provider, it is necessary to develop certain CAD standards. An outsourcing partner can thus help you by either providing a team that is highly trained to adopt quickly to your CAD standards, or cater you with its own CAD standards with added quick scalability of outsourced work. A custom-tailored approach, based on your requirements, is an added advantage of using outsourcing.

CAD outsourcing partner to add value

Check costs

How do you simply check costs when hiring a CAD outsourcing partner? Perhaps one of the ways to determine how much outsourcing will cost is by conducting an exercise: try to make in-house arrangements for the same requirements you are looking to outsource.

Consider the cost of hiring staff, providing salaries and benefits, infrastructure costs, premise cost, etc. Now compare these with the expense involved in outsourcing.

To this expense, add additional benefits the outsourcing agency may offer: expertise and experience of their staff and professionals, infrastructural capabilities, back-up capabilities, and support and technical assistance. Some outsourcing providers bring additional conveniences to clients such as enhanced reporting and documenting capabilities. All of these functionalities need to be checked carefully when considering costs of an outsourcing service provider.

Apart from the cost and fees involved, does your outsourcing partner offer the option of scalability? This option can help businesses cut back on expenses when workflow is reduced, thus adding to savings.

Review support of professional team

Communication is key when it comes to successful outsourcing. Having the support of a team of experts can go a long way in creating relevant solutions, especially when facing issues or problems that need swift resolution.

However, this support needs to be available and accessible. Otherwise, it can quickly go from being needed to irrelevant.

For CAD businesses wanting to scale quickly, it is vital to have outsourcing providers that understand their needs, the business ethos, values, and goals.

When choosing to hire outsourcing assistance, ask clear questions about the support they provide and the level of technical assistance and general support available.

Reliable backup needs to be part of CAD outsourcing assistance as they should have resources available for this.

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