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Building Innovation in your AV Offerings

Written by aixsa | May 18, 2022

Think innovation in AV, and what comes to mind first? A state-of-the-art flat-screen television or dramatic digital signage that grabs the attention of commuters on the go? But audiovisual lends itself to multiple uses and industries; communication and entertainment form proverbially only the tip of the iceberg.

Innovations in AV empower teams to work across physical and geographical locations, collaborate, and ensure successful execution of plans through a better understanding of different elements within the drawings and their interplay.

Currently, AV solutions have adapted to technological advances and developments, taking the requirements of social distancing norms in their stride.

Multiple benefits exist for businesses embracing these innovations. These include improved and enhanced service deliverables for clients and customers through better alignment with trends and contemporary best practices.

According to an AVIXA report, the Pro AV industry is poised for rapid growth. Other online reports reveal an average productivity gain of about 63 percent for tasks completed using specialized toolsets, thereby enabling timesaving innovations.

Here are some considerations for building innovation within your AV business offerings:

#1. Enhanced communication

Whether it is better sound systems or visual systems audiovisual tools, these are empowered by innovation to deliver more seamless visual experiences to consumers.

Building innovation into AV could take the form of aligning AV systems and processes with current trends and the latest in terms of technology. Current technology in AV, combined with internet protocols, is driving clarity and understanding across geographies and physical distances.

One of the best ways to leverage this innovation is by partnering with providers who bring experience and robust infrastructure to deliver hassle-free solutions. Their systems are proven, and businesses can harness the benefits immediately instead of setting up systems in-house.

#2. Improved collaboration

AV tools can drive efficiency at multiple levels:

  • Enhanced communication through tools and better aids
  • Improved understanding of the environment
  • Utilization of audiovisual tools through clearer visualization
  • A better understanding of the interplay between different audiovisual elements (viz. sound and lighting) and non-audiovisual elements (viz. room seating, plumbing, air conditioning ducts, etc.).

Why is Interplay Important?

Most AV elements co-exist in spaces where non-AV elements also exist. For example, AV elements like television monitors and sound systems co-exist with critical features like air conditioners, seating like upholstered sofas, thick curtains, and fans in an entertainment room. Innovation helps ensure all elements perform optimally without negatively influencing the performance of either.

Cost Savings through Innovative AV

Innovative AV practices can help businesses save up on expenses. An innovation such as BIM modeling enables life-like models of construction and layouts of working and living spaces, highlighting the placement of communication elements within these spaces.

As a result, audiovisual elements can be viewed in synchronization with seating, or even the areas in which people’s movement will happen, and the influence of these movements on audio and visual elements, remote control options, viewing and line-of-sight options, etc.

Synchronized viewing of a life-like model leads to increased clarity and understanding of the interplay within the diverse elements. Thus, any modifications and changes can be made at the model stage itself and before final construction is carried out, saving up critical costs, effort, and time.

The use of innovative AV processes can enable businesses to save costs in multiple ways:

  • Better collaboration to understand the interplay of different elements
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration allows optimization of various features and optimal resource utilization
  • Innovative technologies empower processes and tools by aligning them with timesaving and increased accuracy

Innovation is also essential for business sustainability:

  • Driving sustainability through keeping in touch with contemporary AV business practices
  • Enabling better and more streamlined processes
  • Driving efficiencies, in turn leading to increased productivity and performance
  • Boosting bottom-lines, in turn, allows businesses to stay competitive and sustainable

The advantage of professional assistance

Weaving innovation into business operations can involve hardware, software, and the technical understanding and knowledge to optimize them. Professional assistance can be invaluable, especially for businesses poised for the next level of growth and cannot afford to neglect existing business responsibilities. Some of the benefits of professional assistance include:

  • The advantage of going ahead operationally without losing time or business opportunities
  • Ability to free up limited manpower resources from high-volume but low-margin work and empower them to contribute more meaningfully to the business
  • Ability to go ahead without making substantial investments in infrastructure or manpower resources
  • Access reliable technical support for troubleshooting, repairs, back-up, and upgrades
  • Opportunity to streamline existing operations to increase productivity and eventually boost profitability
  • Extend services and solutions reliably to clients without worrying about being unable to meet deliverables or deadlines.

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