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Business meetings are changing thanks to next-gen AV technology. Are you ready?

Written by aixsa | November 25, 2020

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses begin the process of recovery during an economic crisis. Businesses that are willing to adapt in the “new normal” will emerge sustainable.

The good news for AV technology is the way the new methods of holding meetings and conducting transactions are being accepted globally. For the businesses looking to thrive and grow in the current environment, adaptability is important. Being able to identify and embrace industry trends will ensure your business survives during a crisis and thrives for the long term.

As remote transactions and communication become the norm in the way people live and conduct business, businesses look to AV technology to provide them with richer remote experiences for virtual meetings. This includes better ways to communicate among teams and individuals. The requirement for better contactless communication also encompasses telemedicine and telehealth consulting, where doctors and caregivers meet with patients over video calls, rather than face-to-face.

New trend: Digital signage

Typically associated with events management, AV technology has a large CAD foundation, which can efficiently adapt to requirements in communication and long-distance meetings. ‘Optimizing new trends in technology can prove extremely useful for recovering AV businesses. For example, digital signage is gaining popularity in the current pandemic. A report in Avixa talks about how digital signage can play a role in facilitating business operations. Digital signage can help communicate guidelines visually and in a more engaging manner. This helps with compliance on critical yet often misunderstood guidelines around safety and distancing. Digital signage is important across industries because communication is a basic necessity, regardless of the industry a business operates within. More importantly, relevant synchronization with applications — such as those used at cash counters or to collect payments — can help ensure digital signage conveys optimal utilization value to the customer.

Customer first: Preparing to meet changed needs

Customer needs can be dynamic; driven by COVID-19, these changes have created a new landscape entirely. For small businesses, the prospect of meeting these requirements can include the need to better focus on customers: what industry is the customer operating in? What are the current and most pressing requirements for them? How can these best be addressed without causing upheaval both for customers and for the business itself? These are some of the questions AV businesses should ask themselves to help prepare for the recovery phase.

Planning for sustainability

Ensuring customer-focused solutions, while also paying adequate attention to your own business, can help focus efforts on sustainable growth. AV partnerships are one way to access infrastructure and expertise without the capital investments required for an in-house system. Having an AV partner — one who can support niche requirements for AV CAD services — can also help your AV business efficiently keep pace with new client requirements, without losing momentum.

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