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Emerging Trends In AV: How Advancements in AV Are Changing the Business Landscape

Written by aixsa | September 5, 2022

These days, audiovisual (AV) technology is increasingly adopted globally throughout the corporate and industrial landscape. The increasing adoption of AV technology across industries and usage patterns proves how global ways of working have changed. Hybrid workforces may soon become more common as workers demand more workplace flexibility and variable work hours. To cope with these changing workforce trends, individuals want to become entrepreneurs and create a work-life balance. Given the rise of hybrid work and the way remote work is changing opportunities in the corporate market, AV businesses have the opportunity to tap into at-home revenue opportunities.

AV is Constantly Evolving

Audiovisual technology is constantly evolving. Given the dynamic landscape with diverse customer needs and expectations, businesses must adapt rapidly to ensure better optimization of resources and improved bottom lines. For audiovisual businesses, the period of social distancing has been one of intense evolution as the need for virtual communication increased during this period. Hence, some of the emerging trends in the AV landscape include:

#1. Well-Planned Digital Signage

Digital signages are an effective use of audiovisual technology. Whether in public areas such as waiting rooms, shopping malls, or high-traffic areas such as corridors, halls, and lobbies, digital signages are an intelligent way to communicate. Effective placement and positioning can allow businesses to communicate effectively with their audience by advertising specific messages, instructions, or traditional art.

#2. Simpler and Uncluttered Systems

Given today’s technological advancements, businesses find ways to make communication across long distances more efficient. Today’s need is for AV systems that continue to deliver improved clarity despite increasing pressure on existing systems, hybrid workplaces, and customer demands for seamless interactions. As interplay in AV devices grows, the need for better drawings to help increase efficiency also increases.

#3. Better Control of Tasks

Most AV engineers, consultants, and integrators undertake most AV tasks and projects that require collaboration. As a result, a lot of report-making and documentation is needed. As businesses gear up for seamless communication experiences, insightful and expertise-level AV drawings and modeling help lead the way by providing teams with the opportunity for better collaboration and increased control of individual tasks.

#4. Compliance with evolving industry standards

A report from AVIXA reveals that pro AV revenue growth, which exceeded initial expectations for the year 2021, could reach $263 billion globally. The report quotes Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence, AVIXA as saying, “As COVID-19 restrictions decline and people regain comfort with gathering in person, the economy is transforming and pro AV feels a surge in demand,” said. “Up to this point, the strongest solution areas were those offering adaptation to new behavior, such as conferencing and learning. This has shifted to events and performance as we return to in-person.”

AV deployment must keep pace as industry standards evolve in a fast-changing landscape. One of the emerging AV trends relates to continuously ensuring compliance with industry standards. Whether it is regarding AV CAD drawings or BIM modeling, compliance is key to ensuring the successful completion of projects for AV integrators, consultants, and engineers.

#5. Increased ROI and reduced instances of error

With increased complexities comes the need to ensure rapid error detection and rectification. Unexpected delays, mistakes, and inadvertent errors can quickly lead to multiplied expenses and reduced ROI. This is especially threatening to business sustainability.

A well-planned AV project can help all teams to coordinate efforts. They ensure no single fault goes undetected, thus preventing project failure. A professionally created AV drawing can guide even diverse teams (such as construction, HVAC engineering, design, and architecture teams) toward precision levels, thus creating the base for faultless execution.

Action item: If your business is involved in creating and marketing digital signage for clients, effective collaboration with audiovisual teams skilled in AV drawing and modeling can help them better plan their deployment of devices. Drawings that reflect relevant placement and positioning can help your professionals understand output better. Alongside output, good drawings help you understand how the digital signage would work, which can help understand and resolve potential problems, reduce errors, and ensure successful deployment.

The Advantages of Professional Assistance for AV businesses

Whether it is AV engineering, high-grade detailed AV drawings, and modeling or CAD, AV elements co-exist with other elements of construction, design, and utility. AV is more about integrated and synchronized work among these elements and the teams of people who work on these elements. The advantage of professional assistance cuts through multiple layers to ensure better AV synchronization, which eventually benefits the business in multiple ways:

1. Enabling pre-construction visualization with professional drawings and models

While business owners focus on keeping pace with trends and providing better AV solutions, accordingly, professionally executed drawings and models allow for better pre-construction visualization. If pre-construction is combined with clarity, there is a smaller chance for errors in the final, finished product. Errors get resolved before finalizing, and modifications needed to improve performance can also be implemented effectively.

2. Reducing the load on existing in-house resources

Businesses that outsource AV engineering services immediately empower their in-house resources by reducing workloads. They also contribute more positively to critical problem-solving aspects through expert audiovisual insights and inputs. Professional assistance can take over low-margin, high-volume work, thus allowing businesses to focus on designing better solutions for their customers. With critical but high-volume AV engineering work entrusted to professionals, in-house resources can consistently deliver timely, accurate, and reliable solutions to their customers.

3. Improve savings and reduce costs

AV outsourcing can help businesses save on expenses at different levels. Aside from those mentioned above, these businesses provide accurate and reliable drawings and models for pre-construction clarity and insightful expertise that ensures value-added deliverables.

  • Professional assistance reduces instances of errors, corrections, and the need for repairs.
  • Expertise helps reduce project timelines. This allows businesses to utilize saved time for pursuing other income-generating activities.
  • Professional expertise results in higher-quality work. This allows customers of AV businesses to benefit and share in the business’s goodwill.

Benefits from professional AV assistance need not be limited to drawings, models, and engineering drafts. Businesses can also outsource entire AV programming services with multiple benefits, including cost and time savings.

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