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Meeting Your Firm’s Targets: Choosing Growth for Your AV Business

Written by aixsa | December 20, 2021

Targets are a focused path that can help businesses attain growth and development goals. As an AV integrator, focus on ensuring your firm’s targets are aligned with your long-term growth goals, and those of your clients. A synchronized way of working with clients is often the key to strong business development. But is your in-house AV design engineer equipped to meet targets without burning out?

The challenge posed by a heavy workload

Given heavy work volumes, most AV design engineers are focused on meeting client deliverables on time and per requirements. Given this work pressure, it can be easy for your AV design engineers to lose sight of the main system design and development, or deviate from the client brief. Robust, reliable AV engineering support can provide your in-house designers with critical documentation support, calculations, and even basics such as concept sketches, etc.

The truth remains that an AV design engineer— either part of a fast-growing AV integrator business or as a busy AV consultant — needs to pay attention to both the operational needs and their continued, consistent professional growth, which in turn can help add value to client deliverables and contribute to business sustainability.

The risks of not meeting targets or aligning with growth goals

In the case of a small firm focused on providing niche and expert AV services, business goals can get sidelined and the repercussions of this are quite severe:

  • Not focusing on business building, and therefore losing track of goals and targets, can lead to lack of business direction. This may eventually result in declining firm productivity.
  • A decline in the productivity of the AV engineers can also affect deliverables in terms of deadlines and quality, leading to a gradual loss in the trust of existing clients.
  • In a highly competitive environment, such as the current COVID-19 landscape, this decline in client trust can then lead to loss of precious business for your firm.

How does a busy AV design engineer affect your business profitability negatively? Maybe not directly, but the AV engineer’s work is central to client deliverables and ensuring continued business. If the AV engineer is stuck on a limited growth path, it can impact deliverables and hurt new business prospects.

Why outsourced assistance matters

Choosing AV outsourcing can help businesses find much-needed support to ensure that business targets are met.

Getting professional AV assistance can prove to be immensely useful for your in-house Audiovisual engineers because it empowers them at multiple levels, each contributing towards helping your business eventually meet set targets.

  • Scale swiftly; stay aligned with growth: Outsourced partnerships provided reliable professional AV assistance. Most businesses, regardless of size, need reliable support to ensure existing deliverables are addressed. Your in-house AV design engineers can continue to focus on key areas of deliverables while accessing reliable AV support to reduce the overall burden.
  • Benefit from technical support: Technical assistance, such as schematic design execution, can prove immensely helpful in freeing your engineers so they can pursue the main task of designing solutions, including determining better ways of doing so.
  • Cost effective pricing: Given the range of AV services and solutions, you may need to make investments in infrastructure and hiring skilled resources. Outsourced assistance cuts back on this investment.
  • Access reliability: Choosing a professional outsourcing agency can help your firm access expertise as and when needed. This saves up precious time and money, as well as reduces the stress and pressure on in-house resources. In-house staff can utilize time and expertise on high-margin tasks that will benefit the business bottom-line as well.
  • Increase profitability: Being able to save expenses on multiple business fronts contributes effectively to business profitability. Time, money, and effort saved with the help of outsourced assistance can be channeled into the pursuit of value addition for existing clients or earning new business.

Each benefit of outsourced assistance contributes towards greater compliance with targets and growth goals at all levels of your workforce.

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