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Why Your Organization Should Prefer AV over IP

Written by aixsa | December 1, 2022

Audiovisual (AV) over Internet Protocol (IP) is a convenient way to stream audio and visual content over networks connected by decoders and encoders. According to a report by Market Watch, the AV over IP market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% during the forecast period 2022-2028.

Whether your business is in the AV programming industry or whether it offers AV integrator services, it is critical to stay informed about current trends and best practices to ensure your business stays sustainable and thriving. AV over IP is a trend that is helping AV service providers (including AV integrators and AV programming services) increase their reach and build better businesses. For any AV business, AV over IP can bring about multiple benefits. Here are some of these advantages:

#1. Helping bring costs down for the end-users

Because AV over IP leverages the internet infrastructure and resources already in place, it helps businesses reduce expenses. The equipment required for this, such as IP switchers and internet or ethernet ports, is already in place. Professionals can access business AV capabilities through infrastructure and proven performance capabilities.

Additionally, AV equipment relies significantly on good manufacturing; this can cause expenses to go up for end-user businesses. The AV over IP metric also enables faster connectivity, which can help businesses save time.

#2. Leveraging growth and expansion

For startups, fast-growing enterprises, and well-established businesses, scalability is an important deciding factor for growth and development. In a typical AV set-up, the equipment is fixed or standard. It cannot be adapted in real-time to diverse requirements.

On the other hand, with AV over IP, scalability is already built into the equipment. This is due to the use of routers, modems, and switches. At most, a designated professional may change a cable to customize solutions.

#3. Increased reliability and transmission

AV is all about dependable communication. The better and more reliable the transmission, the more effective the AV solution. However, choosing typical AV solutions may ultimately be more expensive and time-consuming.

Also, depending on the equipment used, the physical transmission will result in either a high-quality one or an average one. On the other hand, AV over IP can help you. connect through the internet to better support long-distance audio and visual transmissions successfully.

Given the current work and life norms where physical distance is no longer a deterrent to interaction, AV over IP can help many businesses connect better: over conferences, training, or even meetings and business pitches.

Outsourced partnerships

This is a choice made every day. Whether your business is in AV programming, or you offer AV integrator services, you need to focus on business building and revenue generation in addition to meeting customer expectations. For a growing and ambitious business, this could lead to the in-house team multitasking, which can make them unable to pursue business-building activities or meet customer expectations.

An outsourced partnership, on the other hand, brings multiple benefits:

  • It gives the internal in-house team more time to pursue revenue generation and other activities that help build the business. 
  • It allows the in-house team to add value to client deliverables and solutions, and thus contribute to business building and gathering goodwill as an asset.
  • Helps businesses save time and expenses that can be better spent in other areas.
  • Helps businesses access current trends, insights, and best practices, thus adding value to client deliverables.
  • Helps businesses adhere to high-quality and deadline requirements because the outsourcing partner has a proven system that is followed by trained staff who use a reliable infrastructure.

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