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Why Your Business Needs Outsourcing Assistance with CAD

Written by aixsa | September 29, 2021

CAD outsourcing can help boost productivity, profitability, and efficiency of your AV firm. However, this should not be the only consideration. There are multiple ways in which your business can benefit from outsourcing CAD work.

Consider the following situations:

1. Cost reductions

A direct advantage of outsourcing your CAD requirements are the associated cost savings. As your business grows, you may need to hire more in-house AV engineers. This translates into salary costs, plus payouts including benefits for the new hires. Once hired, your staff will need timely on-the-job training to ensure expectations and deliverables are aligned.

When coupled with the infrastructure needed to support additional hires, as well as investments in buying new equipment — including software applications that can address client needs — CAD requirements can prove to be expensive for a business. It is also necessary to review salary and benefits packages and update them from time to time to ensure your staff stays motivated and continues to deliver their best.

Outsourcing CAD reduces the need to invest in new hires, cutting down salary and benefit costs as well as the associated infrastructure expenses.

2. Ability to tap into demand and access to industry expertise

The AV industry is growing rapidly. Lockdown restrictions are still in place and this has shifted physical interactions into the virtual space. However, given the speed at which the AV industry is experiencing growth, keeping pace can be an expensive proposition, especially considering the need to keep staff updated. The 2021 AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA),  as reported in an online AVIXA report, forecasts that revenue will reach $232 billion in 2021 and grow to $329 billion in 2026. Outsourcing CAD can help your business tap into this growth and demand, adding value to your deliverables with the latest industry trends, insights, and expertise – without the expenses and hassles of hiring, training, and retention costs.

The support and backup provided by outsourced CAD assistance can help you extend high caliber work to your clients. Outsourcing CAD assistance saves both time and the expensive capital investment by your business into staff learning and research and development. In addition, training a resource for AV demands considerable efforts and input. You can save these efforts by accessing industry experts for your work.

Why Business Needs Outsourcing CAD Infographics

3. Reduced burden on existing resources

Your existing business resources and employees handle a range of activities and responsibilities, including focusing on new business development. This creates additional burden on them that may result in errors and burnout.

Outsourced assistance can help existing resources manage workloads, add value to deliverables, and actively contribute to pursuing new revenue channels and business-building activities. Also, they can concentrate on system design to scale their career path.

4. Better quality, reduced timelines for existing deliverables

An outsourcing agency has its own resources and infrastructure in place. They also have their technical support at hand and backup facilities. Your business need not invest in setting up all of this in-house. You can simply reach out and tap into the outsourcing agency’s resources to gain high-quality, high-caliber work deliveries for your client needs.

An outsourcing partner can also help you to meet client timelines without compromising functionality for the business.


Swifter project deliveries, affordable cost structures, access to reliable technical support, and several other benefits are associated with outsourcing AV CAD requirements.

Your judicious choice of an outsourcing partner can help your business access superior CAD support, scale depending on work volume, and focus on growth and development goals. Apart from accessing high-caliber expertise and knowledge, outsourcing also allows businesses to reduce loads associated with high volume, low margin tasks.

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