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Rebuilding a new normal: The role of AV in a socially-distanced world

Written by aixsa | October 15, 2020

Audiovisual (AV) technology has become extremely important, helping people collaborate and connect, even as businesses struggle to operate in a socially distanced world. Unlike in the past, when AV was associated with events and conferences venues, the pandemic has proven that AV technology plays a critical role in connecting people in a socially-distanced world as well. From essential supplies, to engineering, to sports, to telehealth, new ways of transacting and communicating effectively are being explored: all thanks to evolving AV technology and businesses choosing to go digital.

Establishing the new normal 

When social distancing and lockdown started, businesses began to allow employees to work from home, whenever they could. According to the COVID-19 Impact Survey for April 24, 2020, AV end users cited that staff reductions had gone down to 19% from 24% in the past week. There was also mention of an AV end user saying how they were getting a little more efficient and productive in the transition to working remotely.

While this does not suggest that all is absolutely normal, it does indicate that many businesses shifted to digital interaction and communication, thus creating a new way of working remotely.

Embracing remote learning

Previously, remote learning was associated with subjects that needed a minimum of human interaction. Currently, students at all levels are learning remotely and proving that online teaching is effective. Earlier notions that remote engagement and interaction would have a negative impact on learning are being tested and disproved as virtual classrooms gain acceptance. Virtual classrooms are not recorded sessions; instead, they are live, interactive engagements with both the host and audience communicating over devices, often over a long distance. This has led to innovation, with lesson plans reworked into condensed modules. The outcome suggests that long hours at a computer are often unnecessary.

Missing conversations with classmates? Tune into video-call sessions with your virtual community members.

Changing retail

As the world settles into social distancing for a longer period of time, retail is also bracing for change. Given how health and hygiene concerns are utmost in the minds of consumers, research says that retailers need to implement in-store experiences that will reassure and persuade the consumer to stay and buy. AV technology will play a pertinent role in delivering immersive experiences without the associated touch and interactivity among people and devices. As a result, store fixtures, displays, and digital signage will be utilized to enhance communication.

AVIXA estimates show digital displays will be one of the flagship opportunities for AV professionals in retail. This report says that as shoppers return to pre-COVID-19 activity, growth in technology spending will bounce back. In 2021, experts expect retail to expand nearly 6% on an annualized basis, reaching $26.3 billion by 2025.

Innovating and adapting your way to sustainability

Whether implementing your long-standing goals of innovating your AV design and CAD services’ technical capabilities, or converting, in part at least, to digital operations, now is the best time. With a bleak economic outlook, businesses may find that partnerships with outsourcing providers resolve some of the challenges: accessing reliable infrastructure at reasonable prices. Today, adaptability is also a major requirement as businesses are discovering old ways may not work at all. For smaller businesses already burdened with financial worries, partnerships may prove to be the perfect solution, empowering capabilities, streamlining operations, and shouldering some of the workload through proven expertise and resources.

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