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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing AV Engineering & CAD Services

Written by aixsa | November 12, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic turned everything upside down for the AV industry. However, according to the new forecast by AVIXA, despite the lull during the pandemic, the America’s AV industry will bounce back and rise to $95 billion in 2022, reaching $108 billion in 2025.

As AV consultants, AV integrators, and AV vendors plan for future growth, outsourcing can not only help reduce operational costs, but also create many opportunities to reduce time to market, focus on strategic growth, and stand out in a competitive landscape. Here are a few good reasons to consider outsourcing:

 Benefits of Outsourcing AV Engineering & CAD Services

#1: Save on Cost

If you outsource AV CAD services, you will see immediate savings on expenses such as salary, IT infrastructure, and office space. Because the demand for AV engineering and AV CAD services is not constant, it can be frustrating for AV consultants and integrators to pay for full-time help when there are no projects, as was true for many during the recent pandemic. Outsourcing solves this problem through scalability and assistance on an as-needed basis. You pay only when the services are used. The reduced cost of overhead can translate to lower engineering costs.

#2: Instantly Access Skilled AV Engineering/ AV CAD Expertise

Outsourcing AV engineering offers access to the industry’s top talent pool of certified, highly trained AV engineers and CAD drafting experts. These skilled workers are constantly monitored, undergo regular training, and are well-versed in industry best practices. They also bring the experience of working on hundreds of projects similar to yours. Outsourced engineering and CAD services provide a clear direction and enhanced efficiency of AV engineering and AV CAD projects. Moreover, resources are accessible for 24×7 services and support, giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to focus on strategic growth.

#3: See Quick Turnaround and Fast Delivery of Projects

Timely delivery, critical for AV integrators, AV vendors, and AV consultants, is possible when you outsource engineering and CAD. Most outsourcing partners work 24/7, allowing you to benefit from a ‘Follow-The-Sun’ methodology, especially in the case of those working in different time zones. This ensures faster time to market, consistency in results, and faster development, all at lower overall costs. An outsourced strategy allow you to complete the final project on time and on budget.

#4: Benefit from the Latest Technology and 3D CAD Design

Technology is constantly evolving.  Keeping up with the latest software requires an investment in and a commitment of time, money, and training. Hiring skilled staff — and investing in the latest AV technology or CAD software and equipment — can cause overhead costs to become insurmountable. AV engineering and AV CAD have seen a sudden rise in emerging technologies, such as AR and VR and 3D CAD models like BIM using REVIT. By outsourcing CAD services, you receive immediate access to the best industry talent well versed in new technologies.

#5: Realize Growth and Expansion

As AV integrators, AV consultants, and AV vendors explore opportunities for growth in the new normal, outsourced CAD services can help with your expansion plans. Outsourcing can increase your geographical footprint and expand your capability to offer services such as AV CAD and ESS CAD, technologies you otherwise may not have been able to offer. These offerings are often beyond the scope of small and growing AV consultancies that have limited in-house AV resources. Outsourcing allows you to access experienced talent and a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, so that you can expand your offerings to a comprehensive array of complex services.

Choose a Scalable, Reliable AV Partner

Analytix AV has the industry experience to deliver a full range of scalable, specialized, and reliable customized solutions. We supplement your staff with engineering and CAD expertise to manage your business more efficiently. Our proprietary tools, in-depth industry experience, and local presence with offshore engineering resources, allow for high-quality service and end-to-end engineering and CAD solutions.

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