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Using Revit to Improve Profitability – Part 1

Written by aixsa | January 24, 2022

The ability to help boost profitability for your business is just one of the multiple advantages of Revit BIM software.

Architecture and design can benefit immensely from robust and reliable integration between AV elements in architecture and design. Revit BIM is uniquely equipped to provide high-quality, data-rich design and documentation support; in the process helping the business align expenses, save time and money, and improve profitability on a per-project basis. Revit BIM software advantages can prove to be indispensable at the pre-construction stage because of the 3D nature of visualization.

Here are some ways Revit BIM can improve profitability for your business:

1. Ensuring better AV experience

AV elements like sound and video quality can get affected by other elements such as a hissing air conditioning vent, or a plumbing pipe that gushes water just behind a partition wall, or an incandescent light bulb right above a monitor, making it too bright to be clear.

Revit BIM provides realistic 3D models that make it easy to identify different elements that will exist in a space, alongside AV elements. Other elements include wires for electricity and lighting, air conditioning vents and ducts, and plumbing pipes passing through. A 3D visualization allows better integration of these other elements with AV elements like ceiling-mounted equipment because it helps outline the precise location of speakers or ceiling-mounted projectors. Factors such as interference can be visualized better in 3D formats, enabling AV engineers to work out multiple solutions for the same requirement.

3D also better illustrates challenges, risks, and problems associated with the project. Having this knowledge at the pre-construction stage helps AV engineers address and resolve issues earlier, while helping control and mitigate risks and associated costs and expenses.

Reliable communication and information in early stages also help streamline the workflow, guide efforts, and collaboration better.

2. Reduced rework and errors

How would a particular design perform in the face of stress? How will a particular change or modification affect the entire project?

Accuracy in visualization helps AV engineers determine operations and functions. Revit BIM software enables walkthrough depicting AV systems. This results in a clear understanding of repairs, remodels, and performance of specific parameters within the construction, without loss of time. This enables in-house AV engineers to focus on high-margin tasks such as designing solutions, without dedicating time and attention to creating information-rich documentation and drafts.

AV solutions such as Revit family creation services enable and create CAD renderings that are accurate and intricate, enabling stakeholders to work on complicated construction such as piping and electrical projects, spotting potential challenges and issues, and designing solutions to alleviate them.

3. Better tracking of expenses

A direct advantage of Revit BIM is the ability to communicate project details at the pre-construction stage, including potential issues. This helps illustrate potential errors and correct them before construction takes place, and it also helps determine project costs, including expenses expected in procurement of material. This allows for AV equipment placement within the architectural construction before work begins.

The 3D modeling and photorealistic imagery that is characteristic of Revit BIM helps AV engineers accurately determine project requirements. This enhancement helps allocate precise budgets, without major deviations on completion, thus contributing to savings on project execution costs.

Choosing profitability: The right professional assistance

The right AV assistance with Revit BIM, especially when handling high-stakes projects, can prove to be extremely useful. This is especially true in reducing errors through photorealistic imaging and visualization.

Visualizing also helps determine per-project costs accurately, empowering planning, and eventually, cost savings.

It is vital to choose the right professional assistance for Revit BIM visualizations to ensure profitability of your AV business:

  • The models should be accurate and reliable
  • They should be thorough and illustrate all existing elements, without missing out on any
  • They should be clear to understand and execute for your in-house resources
  • Your professional assistance provider for Revit BIM models must

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