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Using Revit to Improve Profitability – Part 2

Written by aixsa | January 25, 2022

The benefits that Revit BIM brings to businesses can help improve the AV experience, overall and improve AV deployment in living, work, and entertainment spaces.

  • Allowing better understanding of other essential elements like lighting and plumbing so that one does not create interference with the other.
  • Allowing creation of more harmonious surroundings, with optimal utilization of AV elements, be it visual or audio.
  • Ensuring reduced errors while helping develop better solutions for AV placement and deployment.

Revit BIM software can streamline communication and collaboration in pre-construction projects. When leveraged judiciously, the advantages of Revit BIM can both boost and benefit the business bottom-line.

Optimize Revit BIM usage

Revit BIM can help augment your business’s existing resources. BIM can work on streamlining operations for your in-house AV engineers by providing them with reliable and accurate 3D drawings. These 3D models help save time by providing accurate and reliable imagery for AV.

Professional AV engineers bring in-depth understanding of how documents and data can change in 2D and 3D formats. This may be a vital deciding factor in optimizing Revit utilization. Outsourcing Revit BIM helps your business leverage assistance from AV professional engineers, in turn, transforming your AV services offerings.

Harnessing visualization to provide AV engineers with relevant information is central to optimizing the benefits of BIM. This, in turn, provides value and increased revenue.

Deliver high-quality CAD

When you partner with professional AV assistance, you are more likely to consistently deliver high-quality CAD requirements. CAD consists of multiple elements, including 3D drawings.

High-quality drawings can greatly enhance the overall AV experience. In turn, your in-house AV engineers, when creating drawings, have a superior understanding of the software. The engineers understand focus areas that most benefit better from Revit deployment.

Revit professionals bring measurable cost savings because of their knowledge and experience with the software tool. This can free your in-house resources from the cost and time burdens of training and the higher wages required when hiring a trained resource.

Benefit from the enhanced modeling

A reliable and accurate 3D model can help AV engineers, AV integrators, and AV consultants to continue focusing on designing solutions, analyzing potential pitfalls and challenges, and improving risk mitigation practices.

Professionally rendered 3D drawing can help promote better understanding and more efficient inter-disciplinary collaboration between AV engineers and other stakeholders in a project, in assessing, testing, and delivering final results on time and with fewer errors. High-quality visualizations allow you to interpret potential pitfalls and risks.

The benefits of enhanced modeling translate to project cost reduction, better compliance with timelines, and goodwill all around, including internally and externally with clients and customers.

The Last Word

It is important to choose the right professional assistance and outsourcing partner to deploy your Revit BIM solutions. When deploying Revit BIM software, take care to ensure accuracy. The many benefits of this transformative software tool are likely to remain futile if not optimized. Professional assistance can ensure your business benefits from optimized software deployment, without sacrificing these Revit advantages:

  • Proven systems, robust infrastructure, and reliable troubleshooting options available for any software-related glitch.
  • Experienced AV professionals: expertise that comes from years of working with Revit BIM and in-depth understanding of industry trends and best practices.
  • Cost savings recognized from the perspective of established infrastructure and resources available; without the need to first make capital investments.
  • Ability to complete high-volume, low-margin AV tasks, including AV engineering and AV CAD tasks, freeing your in-house resources so they can focus on building better solutions.
  • While low-margin tasks are handled, there is no compromise in quality; quality and timeline parameters are adhered to stringently.

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