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Utilizing BIM through Outsourcing

Written by aixsa | December 13, 2021

Matchless interdisciplinary coordination, information-rich 3D designs, and visualizations are some of the transformative benefits BIM brings, which hold great promise for AV engineers, AV integrators, and AV consultants.

According to a webinar available on Avixa, Building Information Modeling or BIM is at its essence a communication tool. However, its adaptability for AV engineering has been restricted, with conventional 2D drawings and AutoCAD taking over most of the drafting requirements.

In the current pandemic landscape, though, technology and technological solutions have come into focus. Various AV engineering projects are now embracing BIM and the multiple benefits it brings to the table. Leveraging professional BIM outsourcing assistance can help harness the multiple benefits of BIM.

3D Construction models

For AV integrators, AV engineers, and even AV consultants, 3D models make a better understanding of a building before it is constructed. The data and information contained enables better collaboration and, more importantly, a comprehensive understanding of the construction in its eventual form.

The enhanced understanding at the preconstruction stage ensures better collaboration among everyone associated with the project.

Accuracy, better navigation at the preconstruction stage

Establishing AV equipment in a model yet under construction allows AV engineers to understand how sound, lighting, and visuals will work in the final, complete construction. Augmented Reality helps gain a clear understanding of the problems and challenges that may arise later as well.

Without losing time or costs, any glitches and problems can thus be understood, and solutions can be worked out beforehand.

Trending; the preferred choice

Outsourcing BIM requirements boosts AV workflow measurably instead of treating BIM as an advanced tool for better and rich drafts and drawings.

Parametric components, one of the central functions of BIM, ensure consistency within the 3D models created. Thus, any change made to the model is also updated elsewhere in elements connected to the project, such as plans, sections, schedules, etc.

This step empowers a basic collaborative model of working with enhanced productivity and efficiency, including a better understanding of potential problems or issues to preempt them and thus mitigate risks. BIM outsourcing services are a step higher because they are clued-into industry trends and best practices resulting from their work, thus delivering better and more current solutions for your business and client deliverables.

Improved turnaround time

AV engineers prefer working with BIM because it is a near-perfect communication tool involving multiple elements or stakeholders. In addition to the communication, parametric components also enable better documentation of changes, modifications, and new plans introduced into the project. 3D detailing allows better detailing than other formats, contributing to design versatility.

Revit BIM or BIM outsourcing adds the element of working efficiently across time zones. This process, in turn, enables better error rectification, savings in time and costs, and improved quality of deliverables.

Together, all of this helps AV engineers ensure better compliance with timelines, improving operational efficiencies, and in turn, the project turnaround time.

Advantages of professional AV support for outsourcing BIM

Revit BIM offers multiple benefits; however, these benefits must be optimally leveraged to ensure good returns on investment. Here are some reasons why getting professional assistance in Revit BIM deployment is a good idea:

  • Professional and error-free establishing of AV equipment within the architectural model
  • Enabling your AV engineers to shift their focus to design and problem resolutions and add value to your client deliverables. The software takes over routine, repetitive tasks while ensuring accuracy in their delivery as well
  • Provide AV engineers with the background to create more reliable and comprehensive project documents detailing plans
  • Seamless integrations to extend functionality; integrating with Revit BIM families can help weave in higher precision in design visualization

Business-focused benefits of AV outsourcing also weigh in with these benefits:

  • Proven, established resources that AV integrators, AV engineers, and AV consultants can utilize immediately, without wasting any time
  • Proven and reliable manpower expertise and experience; helps bring in the element of industry best practices to all deliverables
  • An experienced team backed by professional knowledge and the robust infrastructure to help your in-house resources

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