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Ways in Which Outsourced Services Can Help Your BIM Services Business

Written by aixsa | January 24, 2022

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows you to create a virtual building. This helps service providers, and their clients more clearly understand a proposed design. It is a near-perfect communication tool when it comes to construction visualizations.

The potential to transform pre-construction work

BIM has the potential to transform the way building projects are communicated. Apart from regular modeling, BIM allows all participants to visualize and participate in solutions.

As a result, there is a smaller chance of miscommunication and misdirection. With almost everyone associated with the building project synchronized in their understanding, costly errors and mistakes, which may require reworking the project, are minimized.

Provide value addition to your projects

BIM services empower solution providers to work on several dimensions without restrictions. This means your CAD solutions and tools can go beyond your usual scope of work, to deliver a more holistic design.

A well-equipped outsourcing partner can provide measurable value-add to your BIM services in multiple ways: professional 2D views including plans and display elevations, walkthrough of BIM models depicting the AV system, and photo-realistic rendered views that contribute to better communication at the pre-construction stage.

Apart from better design communication, BIM services can help engineers and designers to more efficiently calculate time and expenses involved in the project. More accurate calculations for volume of building material can also be determined, which in turn creates cost savings.

Enhanced planning; better risk mitigation

The enhanced communication and clarity, resulting from professional assistance, contributes to better project planning and coordination. With project resources streamlined and working more efficiently, productivity also increases. Risk mitigation is better understood as well, thus contributing to the overall success of the project.

Because professional BIM services assistance involves better information sharing and access, this also enables better security because access to critical information can be authorized and unauthorized can be blocked.

Choosing reliable outsourcing assistance

As an ambitious fast-growing AV business, your resources need capable partners, such as AV engineering support, to ensure they can successfully execute BIM solutions. Here are some ways in which outsourcing can help:

  • Provide proven, professional BIM assistance, including creating parametric and non-parametric Revit family for AV equipment.
  • Set up AV equipment within architectural models to optimize your AV engineering efforts.
  • Ensure better synchronization between multiple operations within the team, handling the AV BIM project as well as clients and other stakeholders associated with it.
  • Provide assistance to empower existing resources to hit the ground running, when it comes to actual design execution.

Apart from pure AV technical assistance, a proven outsourcing partner brings several benefits:

  • Ensuring attention given to low-margin tasks is optimal and relevant to high-quality requirements.
  • Providing industry-based insights and guidance, including best practices, to ensure results are high-quality and high-caliber.
  • Helping your business deliver high-quality work, consistently.

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