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What Is AV Engineering and Why Does Your Business Need Expertise?

Written by aixsa | November 10, 2021

AV engineering services play a vital role in consultation, designing, integration, installation, and remote management. These primary elements of AV systems are important not only for an AV business but also for other businesses to manage their workflow seamlessly; and in a COVID-19 landscape, their importance only increases.

Scope of work of the professional AV engineer can be vast. Typically, the following elements are included:

  • Designing and engineering inputs for buildings using site survey as tool
  • Evaluating and determining structures for strength or weaknesses for installation of AV equipment
  • Supervising projects at all points, from inception (project kickoff) through completion (commissioning)
  • Managing broadcast systems and communication devices

Significance of the AV engineer

For your clients, the significance of your AV engineering services lie in the capabilities you provide:

  • Critical insights and assurance on AV media, including hardware, software, and other AV devices
  • Selecting right technology as solution to maximize efficiency and productivity at current level while keeping in mind needs and solutions that may arise in future as well
  • AV engineer-level abilities and expertise to troubleshoot operations related to AV systems
  • Planning for and operations of AV systems during events where AV devices are to be used
  • Ensuring solutions which meet client’s need and that project is completed correctly, on time, and within provided budget
  • Working closely with AV integrators to ensure requirements are met
  • Guidance when others join the operations; this includes leading training, and providing instructional programs. It also includes facilitating training of end user.

Supporting your AV engineering business

As a business owner or founder, your passion lies in providing AV engineering services. However, when running a business, other tasks are also important, including administrative management.

Coupled with the challenge of customer deliverables, this can cause undue stress on existing resources. Here are some reasons why your AV engineering business needs support:

AV Engineering Services and Importance Infographics

#1. Ensuring high quality work, consistently

Professional assistance can take care of repetitive, high-volume tasks. Your in-house resources are free to carry out higher-margin work, such as planning, assessing, and executing various business tasks.

#2. Ensuring more time to devote to business building

For growing, ambitious businesses, it is equally important to pursue new business building activities and revenue channels, while ensuring existing business is not negatively impacted. Tapping into professional assistance allows your in-house resources to pay more time and attention to critical growth and development of the business. It also allows AV engineering resources to focus their energy on presales and system design.

#3. Add value to client deliverables

With trustworthy AV engineering assistance, you can extend your client deliverables to include added value. This is over and above your usual deliverables, and can help your clients benefit from their association with your business.

#4. Extend your AV engineering service offerings

How many AV engineering services does your business offer? How much support do you provide to your clients? When you tap into a professional services provider for support, you can utilize their proven systems to help your clients with diverse AV engineering offerings. This can be carried out without first making capital investments in your own business. Your AV outsourcing provider can step in as an extension of your own business without impacting any existing arrangements.

#5. Provide reliable backup capabilities

How strong is your business infrastructure? What are your backup capabilities in the case of an unprecedented event? Are you ready for situation such as the current pandemic? Outsourcing high volume but low margin tasks can enable your business to leverage dependable backup without worrying about high infrastructure costs and technical support needed to maintain it in-house.

Outline your business priorities

Leveraging professional assistance from AV engineering services can enable your business to stay aligned with your clients’ priorities. Professional assistance also enables the audiovisual engineer to continue delivering value to your clients while earning the trust, goodwill, and even new business opportunities through word of mouth.

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