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Why You Need a Professional Outsourcing Partner for Your AV Startup

Written by aixsa | September 4, 2020

A Forbes report talks about a survey that found three in four small business owners very concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19 on their business. Nearly 38% are not confident about their financial future. On the road to recovery and emergence from COVID-19, it is vital that businesses turn their focus back to operations ensuring not just sustainability but also success.

An AV startup is well-equipped to deal with the requirements of their clients. However, it is important for business owners to continue to focus on the needs of their own business. From arranging for resources to meet deliverables, to ensuring cash flow and liquidity, to hiring and paying resources, your AV startup must ensure sustainability and business continuity.

1. Hit the ground running with plug-and-play

Though industry-specific infrastructure is an essential need for an AV start-up, financial losses are a reality for most businesses. Most technological infrastructure is costly. Businesses that are just starting out or emerging from business during the pandemic may not be in the position to invest in infrastructure. An outsourcing partner can help your startup hit the ground running with their proven infrastructure and systems. Harness your partner’s infrastructure rather than investing in your own in-house systems. Along with saving investment costs, there is zero expense and no need to upgrade and update in-house hardware and software systems.

2. Ensure operations are on and running

Apart from infrastructure, a startup needs dedicated manpower to ensure sound business planning and implementation. An outsourcing set-up is staffed by professionals with expertise and experience in managing business operations. Together with a work-ready infrastructure, this professional expertise can help an AV business streamline its operations and get ready to deliver the most current solutions to clients.

3. Provide reliable backups; reduce risk of loss

How reliable is your backup system? What if your business premises get flooded? Will your client deliverables, yet to be completed, survive? Whether it is simple assignments in drafting or complicated AV solutions, an outsourcing AV partner can help by managing a significant part of the workload. Your business can meet commitments and deliverables with confidence, whatever the condition. With an outsourcing partner, backup systems are already in place. They are constantly tested, updated, and maintained by your outsourcing services provider.

4. Enhance security

An outsourcing partner has multiple levels of security in place; a startup can benefit immensely from these systems. Your data is safe with the outsourcing partner while you pursue better ways to deliver quality and value to your clients.

Choosing the right partner is critical

While the reasons to tap into the professional services of an outsourcing partner are many, it is important to ensure you reach out to the right one. At Analytix, we have worked closely with startups and small businesses for more than a decade, creating end-to-end customized solutions. Our AV division is well-equipped to handle the requirements of your startup. Whether your needs are CAD drafting and engineering or assistance successfully managing your AV integration or consulting business, Analytix can help. Our tailor-made solutions begin with your needs in mind. Email us at or call us at 781.503.9002 to find out how we can help you and your business.

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