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Why You Need Expertise in AV Engineering Services

Written by aixsa | December 17, 2021

The professional AV industry might be experiencing work volume leveling out to what it was in 2019 and before, according to a report by AVIXA. However, this does not mitigate the risks brought about by losses induced by COVID-19.

AV engineering provides vital support to a number of projects, including helping meet project deadlines, reviewing and assessing drafts and design documents, assessment of drawings, etc. For your AV engineering, or integrator, or AV consultant business to thrive and grow in a compromised environment, it is vital to ensure adequate support to your existing in-house AV engineering resources. This can help ensure your existing clients’ business is not affected in any manner and timelines as well as quality work for deliverables continue uninterrupted.

For AV businesses, and for any business, including startups, it is vital to separate the need to simply survive from the ability to thrive and grow. For this reason, having professional support and assistance for your pre-sales and post-sales engineering team is vital.

The need for AV engineering support

AV engineers need dependable teams to coordinate and work on implementation, helping to ensure a successful execution. This involves adherence to planned budgets while staying aligned with customer expectations. At the end of successful completion of a project, AV engineers also produce accurate As-built documents for the purpose of record-keeping. As a result, a proven support system is indispensable to growth-aligned AV businesses. Here are some of the ways in which robust AV engineering support helps your business:

  • Creating and validating AV system designs and producing CAD drawings and scope of work for successful implementation.
  • In providing accurate conceptual sketches as well as reliable inputs on critical matters such as cable calculation, preparation of the BOM, etc. These can supplement and empower your engineering team to swiftly execute projects without compromising on quality.
  • Get reliable labor calculations and SOW documents that further help your teams plan, schedule, and execute tasks and meet timelines.
  • Provide support to ensure existing projects are executed as required while pursuing earning new business.

The right support can build profitability

Outsourced AV support can help your business improve profitability. This can be achieved through:

  • Drive operational efficiencies of existing resources with professional AV assistance.
  • Assistance reducing the burden of high-volume, low-margin tasks so that your AV engineering resources can stay focused on designing solutions and remaining aligned with client requirements and deliverables.
  • Dedicated outsourcing assistance, especially for executing all the numerous low-margin AV tasks. This leaves your in-house resources free to pursue system design, solutions and problem-resolution, as well as critical task-closure and order completion activities.

The right support is comprehensive

The right AV support can efficiently complete low-margin tasks so that your in-house resources can focus on revenue-generating activities such as:

  • Aligning solutions with customer expectations to close deals on a positive note.
  • Freeing in-house resources to carry out client-facing work and AV solutions to meet deliverables.
  • Ensuring all low-volume work is done as required, adheres to high-quality needs, helps add value to overall deliverables, and contributes efficiently to the primary tasks of your AV firm.

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