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Benefits of Using REVIT BIM Software for AV

Written by aixsa | August 25, 2020

Over the last two decades, the design and construction industry shifted gears from AutoCAD to the Revit Building Information Management (BIM) platform for managing the project delivery process. AV engineers and AV consultants have been slow to embrace Revit BIM and have instead restricted themselves to 2D drafting or AutoCAD. In addition, AV integrators are usually brought into the process too late to be able to fully leverage technology.

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the evolution of relationships between architects, AV integrators, AV consultants and AV engineers, as each discipline looks to implement best practices in these uncertain times. There is a growing mandate that AV engineers and AV integrators need to be on board early in the process to ensure successful and compelling results. Leveraging the power of Revit BIM thus offers AV engineers and AV integrators an opportunity to create data-rich models in the 3D environment. This enables cooperative learning, comprehensive solutions, and a productive team experience.

Revit BIM is not just an alternative drafting application, it is a powerful BIM platform, which, when used in AV workflow, can offer accuracy and efficiency benefits to streamline coordination with other disciplines. This enables far more detailed documents than those created on a 2D plane. Due to key functions such as parametric components, design versatility, and project collaboration, Revit BIM is fast becoming the preferred choice for AV integrators, AV consultants and AV engineers.

Parametric Components

Parametic data is one of the core functions of Revit BIM. Any edit in the model instantly updates everywhere that entity exists – in plans, RCPs, sections, and elevations, as well as in schedules that include that element. This capability delivers the fundamental coordination and productivity benefits of Revit BIM: change anything at any time anywhere in the project, and Revit BIM coordinates that change throughout the project. Additionally, since each component in the Revit BIM software has parametric qualities, it allows any changes made in 3D to seamlessly and automatically reflect in the 2D plans. This, together with bidirectional connotation, are key reasons that architects and construction companies are shifting to Revit BIM for time savings and a decrease in errors. 

Project Collaboration

Revit BIM facilitates collaboration across teams, disciplines, and time zones to deliver projects more efficiently. This allows teams of AV engineers, AV architects, and AV consultants to interact seamlessly, test performance, and deliver projects more efficiently with fewer errors. With an emerging practice of AV consultants and AV engineers now starting earlier in the process, Revit BIM ensures a more efficient and effective workflow. This significantly decreases the project turnaround time as well as minimizes errors. Further, the ability to collaborate in a common BIM environment extends Revit’s power in conceptual design, analysis, and visualization for AV engineers, AV integrators and AV architects. This assists in easily coordinating and modelling data, and therefore delivering high-quality results.

Design Versatility

Revit BIM is more than a conventional CAD drafting program. It handles routine and repetitive tasks with automation so that AV engineers can focus on essential aspects of design, thus improving accuracy and minimizing errors. It also helps AV engineers to quickly create more comprehensive documents that are more streamlined. Revit BIM also allows the use of Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) because of its 3D modelling capabilities, so users can navigate virtually through BIM projects, experiencing accurate sound and lighting.

Seamless integrations with third-party solutions, such as a library of Revit BIM families for products, extends Revit’s functionality. This allows Revit BIM to offer precision and efficiency in creating more accurate and optimized designs. Revit BIM offers multidisciplinary advantages, intelligent structure models, greater accuracy, and powerful visualizations.  This ensures maximum workflow efficiency and remarkably accurate visual representation, together with a simplified workflow from inception to completion of a project.

In short, Revit BIM offers advantages such as reduced field cycle time, short turnaround time, greater error detection, and risk mitigation, as well as increased employee productivity.

Analytix AV Scalable, Specialized AV Services

Revit BIM has powerful advantages, but not all AV integrators have the resources to invest in the infrastructure. With deep expertise in Revit BIM software, Analytix AV offers AV integrators a trusted resource to complete projects. Analytix AV offers powerful modelling to your customers without an upfront investment in software and training. Our scalable and affordable AV engineering services backed by teams of vetted, certified AV engineers allows you to deliver more with less.

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