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Empowering Your AV Business with Outsourcing Services Support

Written by aixsa | May 12, 2021

The year 2020 saw many businesses struggling to stay afloat. Staffing challenges and sheer economic scarcity affected almost everyone. According to Pro-AV Business Index report by AVIXA, the effect of COVID-19 on pro-AV sales resulted in the AV sales index (AVI-S) reaching 37.6, well below the no-net growth line of 50 in the month of May 2020. This was seen as more positive than the readings seen in the previous two months when the AVI-S was noted at 21.3 and 23.9, respectively. The easing of COVID-19 restrictions was seen as contributing to stabilizing conditions. However, the heightened safety measures continue to distract from the vital time and attention required to return to stability. Here are two ways in which outsourced expertise can help your AV firm:

1. Expertise at lower costs

An AV partnership, or outsourcing your AV requirements, allows your business to access professional services and expertise at reasonable rates. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the lack of available cash can cripple businesses. If they did not close completely, businesses have faced shortage of staffing and other resources.

Outsourcing critical requirements, such as AV support services, can significantly reduce workload, allowing you to focus on designing insightful AV services and solutions as required by your customers. Whether it is design, documentation, or professional help for all AV requirements, outsourced assistance is superior because it consists of expertise and experience together with current technical infrastructure. This helps your business save costs substantially, both in setting up an in-house system and maintaining and trouble-shooting it. Cost savings also happen when upgrading and investing in security.

Empowering AV Business with Outsourcing Infographics

2. Better return on investment

Partnering with professionals can immediately help your business improve returns on investment through high-quality, reliable work. If you are a hands-on business owner, you likely multi-task on several facets of your AV business. This can decrease your productivity by requiring time that is better spent designing solutions for your clients. Instead, professional assistance provides you the option to expand your service offerings to clients without hurting your finances.

Given the current global economic hardship, you can leverage professional AV assistance to provide your clients with timely help at a reasonable cost to your business budget. With an AV partnership, it is easier and faster to access current infrastructure and expertise rather than attempting to set it up in-house. When you invest in an outsourced partnership, you gain more than just technical assistance, your business gets to take advantage of experienced insights that can help smoothen not just your client deliverables, but streamline entire processes to ensure consistently high quality in all deliverables.

Choosing outsourcing

To benefit from the deep understanding and knowledge that an outsourced partnership brings, it is vital to choose a partner who understands your AV business needs and provides solutions you require. An outsourcing AV company that can help you identify the challenges faced by your business, as well as the ways in which these can be resolved, can prove to be ideal.

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